• Senior Rendering Programmer

    WB Games Montreal is looking for a Senior Rendering Programmer to work on core rendering technology for its newest games.
    As a programmer in the rendering team, you will help us further extend and innovate key visual technology for our games. You will also potentially contribute and interact with a wide variety of engine technology, including memory management, optimization, tools, multithreading and more. We are looking for talented, self-motivated individuals with the capability and drive to build innovative graphics technology for current-generation platforms.

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  • Senior Gameplay Programmer

    WB Games Montréal seeks a Senior Gameplay Programmer to work closely with designers and the Gameplay Lead to design, explore, and implement various gameplay systems.

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  • Lighting Artist

    WB Games Montreal is looking for a Senior Lighting Artist to create visually compelling lighting and ambiances for both interior and exterior settings in an upcoming AAA title. Working closing with the Art Director, environment leads, and concept artists, the successful candidate will be responsible for the production and implementation of lighting and ambiances that uphold the aesthetic vision of the game and maintain the highest level of consistency and quality possible.

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  • Senior Level Designer

    WB Games Montréal, is seeking a Senior Level designer to be responsible for level creation, AI Encounters and scripting.
    The Senior Level Designer will work with the Lead Level Designer and Programmers to design, implement and maintain levels and encounters.

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  • Build Master

    WB Games Montréal is currently looking for a Senior Build Master (Release Engineer) to join our talented software development team in this exciting time of growth. Reporting to the Team Lead, the Senior Build Master will be responsible for establishing a framework that can be reused on many projects to create a consistent and reliable process for source control and build systems. The Senior Build Master will work closely with testers, developers, and producers throughout the game development cycle.


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  • Animation Technical Director

    Lead and direct the development technical aspects of the animation production pipeline including character, facial, mechanical animation rig set up.

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  • Senior Technical Animator


    WB Games Montréal seeks a Senior Technical Animator/Rigger who will be responsible for all technical animation and rigging issues related to a project. This can include visual R&D, performance monitoring, standard setting, as well as process and pipeline issues. The Senior Technical Animator also acts as liaison between Engineering and the content creators. This person will evaluate new technology, supervise and monitor the development of pipelines and workflow and work with all disciplines to ensure that Animation has the tools required to maintain optimum delivery of outstanding assets within technical limitations, solving technical problems when required. All animation tools and content feature requests should be evaluated by the Senior Technical Animator.

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