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New Gotham Knights Mural

New Gotham Knights Mural

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Arts are everywhere and Montreal is known for street arts.

Murals have been popping up everywhere in town for several years and we wanted to honor our city and our 4 heroes with a dedicated wall at the studio.

With the collaboration of our Concept Artist, Krist Miha, and LNDMRK (creator of the Mural Festival), we were able to work with HSIX to represent Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin and Redhood, at the heart of the team that is currently developing Gotham Knights, at WB Games Montréal.

Thanks to Krist for the concept, HSIX and LNDMRK for bringing it to life, and ABCDF for the video.

As images are stronger than words, check out the making of our new mural:

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