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Gotham’s Villains

Warner Bros. Games and DC reveals two DC Super-Villains – the Mastermind criminal “influencer” Harley Quinn and the shape-shifting colossus Clayface, who are both part of the vast criminal element threatening the city in Gotham Knights, along with the cold-blooded Mr. Freeze and the secret and sinister Court of Owls.

Uncovering Red Hood

Check out the new trailer with gameplay and custom cutscenes featuring Red Hood.

All Eyes on Batgirl

Warner Bros. Games reveals new Gotham Knights gameplay trailer featuring Batgirl.

Spotlight on Robin

New trailer featuring gameplay and custom cutscenes of Robin, also known as Tim Drake.

Gotham Knights heroes come to life!

In collaboration with LNDMRK, we unveiled 4 large-scale murals across the city of Montreal related to Gotham Knights.

Summer Game Fest: Nightwing

New character trailer showcases the agile acrobatic defender Nightwing.
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