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Wait... what's playtesting?

During game development, we want to create the best experience for the community. 

We invite volunteers to play our games and give feedback on gameplay, level design, user interfaces, and if they’re engaged and having fun!

We’ll never know if a game will be liked until we put it in the player’s hands. This is why YOU, the players, are an essential part of game development. We want to make the best and most accessible games in the world. Each and every one of your valuable feedback will help us get closer to that goal!”

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When hosting from the WB Games Montréal studio, we have a unique take on how we treat playtesters. See below for some frequently asked questions, and feel free to reach out if you have any others.

The application process goes through the WB Games family at large and you’ll select Montréal to specify our studio.

When you sign up for playtesting, we enter your name into a database of potential players that we contact to participate in our research. We select players based on a wide variety of criteria and invite them to take part in different types of tests.

During a playtest, you will come to our studio to play new or unreleased games and give us your honest feedback on your experience. These tests typically last from a few hours up to a few days.

Playtesting is usually conducted on-site in Montréal. Participants must be able to reach our office at their own expense. We are not currently conducting virtual playtest sessions. 

We may also occasionally email you with a link to a survey to fill out from your home to give us your opinion on a variety of possible gaming related topics.

No. All participants are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement which prohibits you from sharing your experience with anyone. WB Games takes confidentiality very seriously.

Players may receive a gift as compensation for their time. You will be notified of any potential gift when you are contacted to participate in a study.

No. This is user research. You will be playing a game and giving honest feedback to help improve our games as a player, not performing tests and logging bugs as an employee.

You may receive a gift as compensation for your time and can leave if you no longer want to play the game during the session.

We are not registering children at the moment.

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