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Gotham Knights Revealed!

Gotham Knights Revealed!

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It’s finally here!

We are beyond excited to share with you a first look at our newest open-world, third-person action RPG videogame, Gotham Knights. This has been years in the making and all the hard work and passion that has been put into this project shows in every details.

By now, you will have heard, Batman is dead. The knights find themselves all alone to restore order in Gotham and chase infamous villains through the dark alleys and paved streets of the city. Players embody Batgirl, fighter and hacker extraordinaire, Nightwing, wise leader and duel master, Red Hood, intensely strong and weaponry-skilled, and Robin, expert fighter and genius detective-like thinker.

Get ready to step into knighthood and explore Gotham like you haven’t experienced before.

WB Games Montréal is proud to lead you into this world and we can’t wait to share even more with you.

In the meantime, visit the official website, watch the trailer again, sign up for our newsletter and follow our social media accounts for updates, news and more.

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